Desert Gold Pre-Cast

Scott Reutner - Owner -- © Desert Gold Pre-Cast

Scott Reutner - Owner

Desert Gold was recently acquired by Scott Reutner, who has been in the concrete and construction businesses most his life, and specializing in the concrete business since 1997 when he started Modern Concrete in Elko, NV.

A problem solver, Scott has been designing and modifying products to fit unique needs for over 35 years and he can help find the best fitting products for you.

He understands concrete and construction from both a homeowner's and a contractor's view point. He's been in Nevada for over thirty years and lives in the country where he's installed his own septic system (Desert Gold's specialty). If you need a grease trap or a septic tank, please know that Scott wants your stinking business!

(Right) Scott likes big machinery and big dogs... as well as big projects! Come to him with your big problem, and he will help solve it.

Contact Scott
Call the office at 775-753-4394
Or you can email him at

Frank Lauretta - General Manager -- © Desert Gold Pre-Cast

Frank Lauretta - General Manager

Frank Lauretta is the 'go to guy' who will hear your wants and needs then figure out how to best meet them. He will give you a bid on our products, work with the engineer to make sure product built to fit your needs, and then he will deliver and unload your project.

From start to finish, Frank will make sure you are getting the best product for your job. He will load and unload your project supplies, with the guarantee that they will be delivered in excellent condition to you.

Right-Frank works at his desk on a bid with office kitty, Biscuit. Frank has been working in the concrete business since 2008. Biscuit, who joined us in 2001 as a mouse catcher, is chief office companion.

Right-Frank is probably more comfortable behind the wheel and gears of a forklift, than most folks are behind the wheel of their car. He started operating equipment when he was just a kid and has been operating forklifts since 1997.

Contact Frank
Call the office at 775-753-4394 or his cell at 775-397-8613
If you prefer to send an email, do so to